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Diane Farr rozhovor

31. srpna 2011 v 10:06 | Ramka |  Diane Farr
Mám další rozhovor s Diane. Opět ho zveřejnila na svém blogu a já vám ho sem dávám. Zaujal mě sice míň než minulý, ale i tenhle stojí za přečtení. Tak neváhejte a čtěte!

Diane Farr says she got a late start in traveling and didn't leave the country until she was 15. But since then, the 41-year-old actress ("Californication," "Rescue Me," "Numb3rs") has more than made up for it by traveling all around the world, primarily alone. That exposure to other cultures - as well as her marriage to a man of a different ethnicity - inspired her to write the funny and astute memoir "Kissing Outside the Lines: A True Story of Love and Race and Happily Ever After" (Seal Press, $24.95). Farr lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three young children. Check out for information on her latest projects.

Q: When did you go on your first trip outside of the U.S.?
A: I was 15. My best girlfriend was Cuban, and for her Sweet 16, she took 10 of us to Acapulco.
Q: What are some of your favorite places?
A: Hanoi and Seoul are some of my favorite cities. Morocco is one of my favorite countries ever.
Q: Have you traveled to a place where you felt you were in danger?
A: I've traveled almost everywhere by myself. You get to Cairo and cover yourself up and are surrounded by men during the business day. But it's cultural, and you survive that one. And then you go to Zanzibar and it's the middle of the day and there are 25 children chasing you, but really all they want is to ask you what you want to eat and if they can catch a fish for you. But in Cambodia, I had 10 people knock me off a moped and take my money, and I realized that these people are hungry. They were hoodlum kids who were probably sent out to beg, and I looked like an easy target. I usually travel under the radar, renting a house in a local neighborhood. When I got to Cambodia and gave the cabbie the address, he said, "Don't stay there. My people are not bad people, but they are poor." But I brushed it off and wasn't too worried. But after the first day, I checked in at the Intercontinental Hotel.
Q: What kind of souvenirs do you bring home?
A: I went to Berlin the week the wall came down. I brought back bricks for everyone as souvenirs, and it was the best gift ever. In Morocco I filled up little canisters with sand and gave them to everyone. In India, you find those little Shiva statues that are about the size of your hand. I bought about 50 of them.
Q: Where have you traveled that most reminded you of home?
A: I went to college for two years in England, and a boy I was with there was an athlete who was getting an award from Prince Albert. So I went to Monaco with him. The beaches in the South of France looked exactly like the white sand beaches of New York.
Q: Where would you like to go that you have never been?
A: I am really dying to do Nepal when my kids are big enough to do a walkabout. AlsoAlaska and Japan.
Q: What's it like flying with three preschool-age kids?
A: It's hard, and we do it as infrequently as possible. We've been twice to the East Coast to see the grandparents, and I shipped a big box of things there and had my parents ship the box back once our trip was over. But it's no fun being on an airplane with very young children. My kids actually yearn for things we can drive to. Those kinds of trips work better for us.

Diane jako duha

25. srpna 2011 v 12:11 | Ramka |  Obrázky Diane Farr
Krásný obrázek s Diane. Doufám, že souhlasíte. :D

Článek z webu Diane

20. srpna 2011 v 8:30 | Ramka |  Diane Farr
Protože je to opravdu inspirující článek, zkopírovala jsem vám ho a určitě stojí za přečtení.

" I think I´m beyond a social butterfly and I am more of a social bumble bee, leading with my stinger!"

True Cuddles met with Diane Farr, a mom of three (Beckett, Coco and Sawyer) with ten jobs (including actress, writer and mom) to chat about exactly how she does it all. You might recognize Diane Farr, Los Angeles mompreneur, from her star roles in "Californication," "Rescue Me," "Numb3rs," and MTV's "Loveline." These days she is finding balance between motherhood and her newest book Kissing Outside the Lines, where she talks openly about the challenges of being in an interracial relationship with a Korean American husband. The New York Timesdescribes her as someone who "looks like Barbie, but talks like Ken." True Cuddles asks Diane just how she became such a master at juggling it all, while continually starting new projects (such as her newnationally syndicated newspaper column). Read on to be truly inspired and get ready to take a nap just thinking about all the things she's running around doing.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. - As a writer I suppose I should be looking out at the world and making a comment, but as an actress I like to get right in there. I think I'm beyond social butterfly and I am more of a social bumble bee, leading with my stinger.
2. What television family does your own family most resemble? - I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad to say, we don't really look like any TV families. Check out our photo and see for yourself … I'm curious to see what others think.
3. How did your business begin? - When I was the host of Loveline on MTV (15 years ago) I wrote my first book. I was writing for women's magazines regularly because of my talk show platform, but I was really frustrated with how magazines portrayed women. My first book, The Girl Code, was a retort to the publishing world saying, "We're funnier and dirtier than you're giving us credit for." The Girl Code was a hit and then I got to use my special writing powers for good - not just evil - telling fellow females what products they needed to be better, smarter, prettier.
4. If you had to describe your business in less than 15 words, how would you do it?-I'm in the business of humanity. I portray people and write about them, commenting on society.
5. What is your inspiration for your business? - I began writing my latest book when I was pregnant with my second and third children (twins) because when I was dating my husband there was a lot of drama with his family (they did not want him to marry outside of his race and culture). I wanted to work through all those feelings in a humorous way before I had more kids and those feelings started to leak all over them - in a not so humorous way.
6. Describe your biggest success and how you knew that you were going to make it.- I interviewed 25 couples around the country for the book, many in mixed race marriages and many people who are mixed race themselves, born between 1970 and 1990. Each person had so many similar, heartwarming and heart breaking stories, that I knew there was this little prejudice no one was talking about. And it was about love. It was the secret conversation that even educated, progressive, kind parents were having with their children sometime around age 10-13: about who was worthy of their love based on race. It was this remaining prejudice that we were not discussing as a society, even after the inauguration of Barack Obama. And with all of that homework done, I wrote my latest book, Kissing Outside the Lines, very very quickly. It almost wrote itself.
7. Tell us about your typical 'work' day.- My work day is not for the faint of heart, but I have three kids under four years old, and ten jobs. If I'm sitting on a set as an actress, I will get up between 5 and 6 am and stay on set often till 8 or 9 pm. And those are the easy days! (16 hours on a set is like a walk in the park compared to 16 hours at home with three toddlers.) When I'm writing, I wake with the kids at 6 am, get them off to school by 8:30 am and write from the second they leave until noon. Then I'm in meetings from noon until 5, after which I meet the kids back at home for 5-8 pm and then head to my office for more writing. It ain't pretty but it keeps me sane.
8. What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom-preneur?- It proves that ambition does not fly out of the vagina with the birth of your child. I love being a mother but during the times when I tried to let it entirely define me, I didn't do the mothering job so well.
9. And, what is the most challenging?- Scheduling.
10. What keeps you motivated?- My preschool bill!
11. What is your next big goal?- To spend more time dating my husband. I just wrapped a movie as an actress and I'm currently on a book tour and when I get home I'm writing a new film. What I miss most is feeling like my husband is my boyfriend and I want to focus on that next.
12. What is your guilty pleasure? - I'm yearning to travel through Nepal but the kids are too small. So I'm trying to figure out a week in Barcelona with them. Pray for me, because I'm not bringing any pack n plays and this could get ugly.
13. Name a product that you cant live without for you or your baby?- Two very beautiful, very necessary, Bratt Décor cribs. My girls are almost three and I cry at the thought of them getting out of those cribs. First it means I won't have any more babies. And second it means I'm not going to sleep for six weeks to six months.
14. What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a mom-preneur and what is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a mom {so far}?- Know that every time you ask a fellow mom for advice, you're not getting the whole story. Every mom edits their path to success as a mother, as well as their child's developmental history to the story they remember - which may have nothing to do with the truth. So don't judge yourself by their tale. I think we as moms all re-write our kids sleep patterns, eating patterns, potty training schedule, walking schedule and all the rest because we are exhausted and have no short term memory…and because we romanticize each period as we are finished with them. So when another mom seems to be bigger, better, smarter than you, remember she may not be fooling you but she really might be fooling herself. So don't be losing sleep over some other ladies insecurity.

Diane Farr s dětmi

20. srpna 2011 v 8:19 | Ramka |  Obrázky Diane Farr
Mám pro vás naprosto úžasný obrázek!!
Diane Farr přidala na svůj web nový článek a nezapomněla ani na fotku, protože se článek vztahuje k rodině. Tak se podívejte a pak mi napište komentáře, protože jsem tou fotkou naprosto uchvácená a všichni vypadají velmi šťastně. - Krásná to rodinka. :)

Navi Rawat

20. srpna 2011 v 8:11 | Ramka |  Obrázky Navi Rawat
Už dlouho jsem sem nedala žádný obrázek s Navi a tak to alespoň jedním trochu napravuji.

Moje poznámky z knihy

15. srpna 2011 v 2:00 | Ramka |  Diane Farr
Dočetla jsem knihu, kterou mi Diane zaslala i s věnováním a vypsala jsem si pár věcí, které mě zaujaly a podobně.
Tímto se s nimi dělím, ať zjistíte něco bližšího ze života tohoho úžasného člověka, kterým Diane beze sporu je.

  • Diane Farr se potkala se svým manželem na diskotéce, kde tančila a její muž ji okouzlil, protože se o něm vyjadřuje jako o výborném disco tančníkovi se širokým úsměvem, který se po celou dobu usmívá
  • zásnubní prsten s diamantem jí koupil po 9 měsících společného chození
  • o ruku ji požádala na kolenou, když zrovna malovala jejich domov a jak říká v knize, nebyla schopná slyšet mnoho krásných věcí, když otvíral krabičku s prstýnkem a Seung byl oděn v obleku s hedvábnou kravatou
  • když ji poprvé dovedl ukázat svým rodičům, byli naštvaní, protože jí nabídli výborné maso, ale Diane už přes 20 let maso nejí
  • společně řešili místo svatby, obřad a také, zda si má Diane změnit příjmení (nakonec měli obřad jak v Korei s tradičním krojem, tak v Americe)
  • v Korei měla na svatbu růžový Hanbok (něco jako šaty), a to i přesto, že růžová je pro mladší nevěsty - jedním z důvodů bylo, že nemohla sehnat Hanbok na svou výšku; přitom Diane měří 5´9´´ (tedy 175 cm)
  • součástí svatebního obřadu jsou "úkoly", ale Diane jich se svým manželem dělala jen pět a jedním z nich bylo, že ji manžel musel kolem dokola nosit na zádech
  • v Americe měla svatební kytici z 20 orchidejí
  • na svatbě jí hrála píseň Hallelujah od Leonarda Cohena a k oltáři ji vedl otec po plátcích z růží a když vstoupila, hosté se postavili a hudba utichla (pod touto odrážkou je píseň i s videem)
  • na papír pod sebe napsali 5 věcí, které milují a muž, který je oddával je přečetl - na 3 věcech z 5 se shodli
  • na svatbě si skočila na záchod, aby si mohla od rána vyměnit tampón, ale zalapala po dechu, když neviděla krev
  • druhé ráno řekla Seungovi o "nehodě" na záchodě
  • první ráno v domě v LA si šla udělat těshotenský test a poté vzbudila Seunga a test mu strčila přímo do obličeje - byl pozitivní
  • aby ho ale potvrdila, na svatební cestě si v jedno ráno udělala všech 5 těhotenských testů, které jí dala kamarádka v LA a opět byly všechny pozitivní
  • poslední den na svatební cestě je vzali Seungovi rodiče do exkluzivní restaurace, Diane měla hlad, ale byl to suschi bar se stolama přímo na zemi a Diane mohla jíst syrové ryby, když byla těhotná a tak jim Seung po jejím nálehání novinu oznámil
  • když odlétali zpátky, Seungova matka ji na letišti řekla: "To je ta nejdůležitější práce v tvém životě. Buď prosím opatrná. I s dítětem, Diane."
  • Po této věte, objala mámu i tátu, Senga vzala za ruku a volnou ruku si položila na bříško a zasmáli se

- V knize nazapomněla ani na poděkování všem lidem, kteří jí pomáhali. Ať už to byli přímo lidé, kteří jí vykládali svůj příběh, kteří přečetli její knihu v pracovní podobě, tak nezapomněla ani na paní, která jí hlídala děti, když na knize pracovala. Také poděkovala Navi Rawat (hraje Amitu Ramanujan ve Vražedných číslech) a v knize se o ní vyjádřila velmi hezky. Děkovala víc chytré než hezké Navi Rawat. Podle mého je to pro ni velká pokolna, protože Navi je opravdu krásná. (Můžete se přesvědčit tady:

Odpověď Diane Farr

14. srpna 2011 v 10:27 | Ramka |  Různé
Jak jste si určitě všimli, udlěla jsem svému blogu nový vzhled a poslala jsem odkaz Diane. A napsala mi, že je úžasný jako vždycky. (V originále: Thank you Radka your fan site looks terrific as always!)

Nový design

1. srpna 2011 v 13:30 | Ramka |  Různé
Dnes, 1.8.2011, jsem se rozhodla pro nový design mého blogu. A jen tedy doufám, že se vám bude líbit a že si přečtu kladné komentáře.


Obrázek měsíce - srpen 2011

1. srpna 2011 v 2:00 | Ramka |  Fotky měsíce
Tento měsíc mám narozeniny a proto si sem dovoluji dát obrázek s Diane, neboť právě pro ni je určen hlavně tento blog.

Tady je pohromadě celá její krásná rodina!